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The UK Government has announced the aim for the country to be carbon neutral by the year 2050. In 2019 legislation was passed into law that committed the Government to a legally binding target of net zero emissions by that year, the legislation seeks to build on the carbon emission reductions already achieved by the UK and create green jobs in the process.


The energy company obligation (ECO3) scheme is one of the mechanisms the Government has established to help achieve the goal of being carbon neutral. One of the things that the ECO3 scheme does is provide grants to fund energy efficiency upgrades to homes that reduce emissions, electricity and energy bills. These grants pay for things like new heating systems like boilers, loft or cavity wall insulation installation and other measures designed primarily to increase energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty.


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    We can use the EPC Register to get your EPC score:

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    Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)Carers AllowanceChild BenefitChild Tax Credits (CTC)Constant Attendance AllowanceDisability Living Allowance (DLA)Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)Income-related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)Income SupportIndustrial Injuries Disablement BenefitPersonal Independence Payment (PIP)Pension Guarantee CreditSevere Disablement AllowanceUniversal Credit (UC)War Pensions Mobility SupplementWorking Tax Credits (WTC)Other Benefit



    The ECO3 scheme requires medium to large energy suppliers in the UK to meet an obligation called the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO). According to OFGEM, this obligation requires the suppliers to promote the installation of measures that lead to financial savings on energy bills such as the ones mentioned previously (ie. insulation and heating systems).

    Your eligibility for a grant under the Energy Company Obligation or ECO3 scheme is determined by whether or not you receive one of below-mentioned benefits and that your household meets the income criteria. The list of benefits includes:

    You may also be eligible for a grant if you live in social housing with an EPC rating of E, F or G. If you do not know what your home's EPC rating is, use this free online Government tool to check, all you need is your postcode! Click here to access the EPC certificate finder.

    You do not need to be the homeowner to benefit from the ECO scheme, however if you are a tenant, you will need permission from your landlord or social housing provider or property management company. You do not need to apply for a grant with any energy company in particular, since they are all obligated to achieve certain reduction targets by the Government, the ECO3 installer can attempt to obtain funding for your measures from any of the medium to large energy companies.

    In our experience, properties that tend to have old and outdated heating systems and a lack of insulation, especially properties with cavity walls or older properties are the most successful in obtaining fully funded measures. In layman's terms, the more inefficient the heating of the home is, the more likely measures are to be fully funded. This is particularly true if your home is not using a Gas boiler. You will know if your home is not efficient by your energy bill and heating costs. If your home is dual fuel, the average monthly bill for 1-2 bedroom home/flat is £66, 3-4 bedroom is £97 and 5+ is £137. For electric a 1-2 bedroom home/flat is usually £34 per month, 3-4 bedroom is £49 and 5+ is £70. For gas a 1-2 bedroom home/flat is £33, 3-4 bedroom is £48 and 5+ bedroom is £66. If your monthly bill exceeds these by a significant amount you will be much more likely to qualify for greater funding because your home is likely to be more inefficient, however this is not a guaranteed way of discerning your eligibility. The only sure way is to get in touch with us using the contact form above and have a free survey conducted where a professional surveyor can obtain all the relevant details from you and assist you in obtaining the maximum level of funding for the measures your home is eligible for. Remember, the more efficient your home is, the greater reduction in carbon emissions. And we are passionate about achieving carbon emission reductions!


    Depending on your home's current energy efficiency rating, you may be eligible for the energy effeciency improvement measures under the ECO3 funding programme:

    Cavity Wall Insulation

    Around 33% of all heat lost from poorly insulated homes escapes through the walls. Cavity wall insulation can help to significantly reduce your energy bills!

    Gas Boiler

    If your gas boiler is old, energy inefficient and meets the relevant criteria set out by OFGEM, then we can upgrade it to an A-rated boiler on a fully funded or highly subsidised basis through ECO3!

    Electrical Heating

    Inefficient electrical heating systems like panel heaters can be extremely expensive to run. If you meet the criteria then we can upgrade your home with state-of-the art Electrical Storage Heaters!


    Which magazine found that installing loft insulation can help reduce your energy bills by up to £215 per year! Even if your home has existing loft insulation, in some cases you may still qualify for increasing the amount of insulation to the recommended level.

    Solid Wall

    Almost one third of all homes in the United Kingdom have solid walls, according to the National Insulation Assocation around 45% of heat escapes through solid walls. Installing solid wall insulation can help you save between £115 to £415 a year on your heating bills!

    Doors and

    Depending on your home's energy efficiency, you may be eligible for improvements to your external doors and windows. The new Green Homes Grant will provide homeowners with a voucher of up to £10,000 to be used for primary insulation measures.


    A 3 step process that ends with lower bills, higher energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions!

    Use our eligibility checker to ensure you are eligible for ECO3 funding.


    One of our qualified experts will visit your home to conduct a free energy efficiency survey.


    Our installation team will implement the fully funded measures that have been identified by our energy efficiency survey.


    The ECO3 scheme was established to address fuel poverty. Oftne thought of as ECO3 boiler scheme, as long as you receive a qualifying benefit (like child benefit) or live in social housing, you may be able to receive funding from an energy supplier for energy saving measures in your home. If you have an inefficient electric or other type of boiler installed, we can help you. The measures are fully backed by the Government and local authorities. Under the ECO3 scheme, all gas and electricity suppliers are obligated to join the programme when the number of their customers exceeds 200,000. The threshold will decrease to 150,000 and each supplier is obligated to contribute a certain amount of energy efficient home improvements based on it's respective market share.Note.

    This means that we can help you find ECO support and funding from any obligated supplier, not necessarily the one you buy your energy from!

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