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Save On Electricity When Buying Electronics

Aug 18, 2022

Save electricity by understanding the energy efficiency label that all products and appliances come with in the UK.


How Efficient Is Your Kettle?

Aug 16, 2022

Over 100 million cups of tea a day are consumed every day in the UK.. Shouldn’t our kettles be the most energy efficient?

loft insulation

Why Loft Insulation is so Important?

Aug 13, 2022

Attic insulation is designed to keep heat in your home in the winter and out of your home in the summer.

reduce bills summer

5 Ways to Reduce your Electricity Bills This Summer

Aug 11, 2022

As the weather continues to heat up, here are 5 Ways to Reduce your Electricity Bills this Summer

energy efficiency enforcement wales

Energy efficiency enforcement warning to landlords

Aug 8, 2022

Home – Blog – Energy efficiency enforcement warning to landlords Energy Efficiency Enforcement Action Taken – Is this the first of many? A local authority in Caerphilly in Wales has issued a warning to landlords …

Energy efficiency enforcement warning to landlords Read More »

energy saving tips energy saving energy bills could save gas and electricity price cap energy efficient

How to Reduce Electricity Bills?

Aug 5, 2022

You will be surprised by the small steps that you can take to improve the energy efficiency in your home and reduce you electricity bills.

Ofgem price increase gas

What does OfGem’s new pricing frequency mean for Households?

Aug 4, 2022

Ofgem issued press release on the 4th August 2022 in which they unilaterally announced that their response to the climate of increasing energy cost brought about primarily by the impact of the conflict in Ukraine has been to allow energy companies to update (ie. increase) their prices on a quarterly basis as opposed to the old frequency which was every 6 months.


Government provides £400 Energy Bills Discount this Winter

Aug 2, 2022

Households to start receiving £400 off their energy bills from October, with the discount made in 6 instalments to help families throughout the winter period

energy mot service government

New Online Government Advice Service Launched

Aug 1, 2022

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (part of the UK Government) has launched a new website that is dedicated to providing recommendations to energy bill payers to help them reduce their energy bills by up to hundreds of pounds, describing it as similar to an ‘Energy MOT’.

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