Air-supply warmth pumps can provide more than 500 % of the electrical power they take in. In this online video we’ll split down less than which situation air-supply heat pumps are worthy of it for you and debunk widespread myths. Do air-source heat-pumps do the job in cold climates? Are air-resource warmth pumps noisy? Can air-supply warmth pumps be installed in outdated residences? Get pleasure from!

00:00 – Intro
00:32 – How do air-resource warmth pumps get the job done?
00:46 – What are the diverse kinds of air-source warmth pumps? – Air-resource, ground-source, and geothermal heat pumps
01:33 – Air-supply Warmth Pump Market Expansion – Shipments, net-zero emissions state of affairs
02:03 – How significantly do air-source heat pumps price?
02:31 – Financial savings from Cold Local climate Air-Supply Heat Pumps
03:23 – Debunking Frequent Myths: Myth 1: Warmth Pumps in Cold Weather
04:19 – Fantasy 2: Noise from Air-Resource Warmth Pumps
05:42 – Myth 3: Air-supply Heat Pumps in Outdated Homes
06:47 – The Relevance of a Excellent Installer for the Performance of the Warmth Pump Method
07:34 – How to discover a very good Installer – Reducing the Purple Flags
08:22 – Assessments from Warmth Pump Proprietors

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