Kilns are Complicated. In this video, I Answer 21 Kiln Questions I have been asked here on the channel. ALERT Make Sure to Watch This Video Timestamps and links are Down Below in the SHOW MORE SECTION

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00:00 21 Beginner Kiln Questions
01:02 #1. Do I need an electrician to install my kiln outlet?
01:33 #2. Do kilns use a lot of electricity?
01:58 #3.Should I get a used or new kiln?
02:44 #4. Can I use my kiln right away?
03:35 #5. Do I need a vent for my Kiln?
04:36 #6. If I have no vent should I be concerned about fumes in my kiln area?
05:17 #7. Do I need a stand?
05:42 #8. Should I keep the peeps in all the holes or not?
06:39 #9. If I keep the top peep open What about thermal shock?
06:56 #10. When the kiln says complete are the elements still on?
07:30 #11. Can I lift the lid while the kiln is still hot?
08:10 #12. How long does a firing take from Beginning to End?
08:48 #13. Is 3-inch brick better than 2 and a half?
09:30 #14. Should I get a controller?
10:07 #15. Do I need to use Witness cones all the time?
10:56 #16. Should I slow, medium, or high fire my pottery?
11:18 #17. Do I have to use Kiln wash?
12:28 #18. Should I be concerned about cracks on the bottom of my new or used Kiln?
13:09 #19. Should I put a hold on when I glaze fire?
13:31 #20. Does the glaze have to be totally before placing it in the kiln?
13:48 #21. How often should I vacuum out my kiln?
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