I’ve used a couple of force washers over the years so I believed I understood everything there was to know about stress washers when I resolved to store for a new one particular for my father (just after his previous washer stopped working). Properly, I acquired on line and commenced my study. In fact, I just wished to invest in a reasonable tension washer that would assistance the aged person retain his patio and partitions clean up mainly because he is a stickler for cleanliness but I finished up trawling round the net. At some point, I settled for the Bosch Aquatak 115 furthermore force washer and even though it wasn’t accurately affordable, I was satisfied with its perform and I however am (I basically “borrow” it from time to time without the man’s consent!). Below are good reasons why you need to contemplate receiving a single way too.

Very Economical Cleansing Action

The Bosch aquatak gives very good nozzle effectiveness for a pair of motives. First let us converse about the motor. It arrives geared up with the powerful Bosch series motor (1700 watt) and this is the juice that powers the extremely effective assemblage. The motor would make the equipment best for cleansing vehicles, walls, patios, boat decks, bicycles, etc. next, the aquatak’s nozzle gives the best possible water strain launch and regulation for even the most difficult of process-thanks to the different lances.

The vario jet admirer electrical power lance enables you to modify the nozzle from a broad fanlike mode to variety a jet stream. Have faith in, me, this really comes in handy. The flexi jet ability lance also will allow you to clean areas that are typically challenging to get to and clean up. And lastly, the Bosch alloy pump provides robust water force (115 bars and also a utmost move of 380 litres for each hour) important for significant general performance. Additionally, you will find a stress adjustment knob that enables you to control among very low strain (for light cleansing) and high strain (for arduous cleaning).

Easy Maneuverability

Bosch definitely had the customer’s demands in intellect when the aquatak was remaining designed. This is clearly apparent in the upright gentle design and its user-friendliness. The aquatak weighs just 7.2 kg and even at that, it can be equipped with 2 robust wheels. These characteristics necessarily mean you really don’t have to tension yourself when using the aquatak since it truly is moveable and really uncomplicated to manage. My dad is an previous person and I was individual about acquiring a force washer that would not place excess strain on him and so far, there has not been any complain from his finish. In addition to all these, the aquatak also has a couple of hooks for hanging the hose and other extras, earning it additional handy for use and storage.

Other Options

In addition to the capabilities explained earlier mentioned, the Bosch aquatak 115 force washer also has other characteristics that make it a superior choice. These involve:

· Automated Prevent Procedure:This makes certain that the pump and motor final for a longer time in addition to minimizing water wastage (really economical if your h2o invoice is significant). Environmentalists will like this!

· Integrated Detergent Tank:This is an additional function that contributes to the performance of the aquatak. The detergent tank only dispenses at minimal pressure although, a intelligent one if you request me.

· Supplemental Brush and Lance:The aquatak also arrives with an more brush for cleansing spots that are tricky to achieve. The flexi jet lance and the roto lance also come in helpful in this facet making it uncomplicated to clear even the most stubborn of dirt.


I seen a few of disadvantages. For starters, you should not lean on the brush attachment because the stem is thin and weak. You is not going to have any challenge if you stay clear of leaning on it. My dad leaned on it and the attachment broke so now he can’t hank the brush on the energy washer. Nonetheless, this does not hinder its procedure. Also, the roto electricity lance is pretty potent so never use it on painted surfaces.


In check out of the factors mentioned previously mentioned, I will advocate the Bosch aquatak 115 force washers to anyone who wants a highly effective washer that receives the job performed swiftly and efficiently. You will not have any regrets acquiring this equipment since you will get superior benefit for your funds.

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