How Efficient is your Kettle?

It is hard to imagine just how many cups of tea people in the UK drink every day. Would you believe the number is 100 million? If you can imagine the number of kettles that are being used to do this every single day then you can appreciate the savings that can be made. On average, a household will tend to make between 3 and 5 cups of team a day and a recent survey found that 51% of respondents had more than 5 cups of tea every day!


How Much Electricity Does a Kettle Use?

Now we already know that all the appliances that you have in your kitchen use electricity, the amount they use is measured in Watts (W), the average electric kettle is often 3 KiloWatts (kW), knowing this you can calculate the amount of electricity your kettle uses by taking the amount of time it is switched on and multiplying that by the Watts rating.

A 3kW kettle that needs 5 minutes to boil is using 0.083 hours, so when you multiply that by 3,000 watts you can figure out the kettle is using 249 Watts of power or 0.249kW/h. The average Tariff in the UK for electricity in 2021 was 18.9p/kWh which means that the cup of tea at those prices would have cost 4.7p.

If you imagine the same kettle now being used 3 times a day, this cost is between 14p per day, which equates to £51 a year. If you reduced the amount of water in the kettle to just the amount you need you can cut this amount by around half.


The Arendo electric kettle is one of the most of energy efficient BPA-free kettles that we have come across. This is due to the temperature control feature that it has, we would strongly advise having a look  at it, it will save you money in the long run!

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