A New Online Service launched by the Government

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (part of the UK Government) has launched a new website that is dedicated to providing recommendations to energy bill payers to help them reduce their energy bills by up to hundreds of pounds, describing it as similar to an 'Energy MOT'.

energy mot service government

How does the Website Work?

According to a press release issued by the UK Government, the website provides tailored and impartial advice and recommendations on the upgrades that would help each household to achieve greater energy efficiency (and therefore less costly bills).

Cutting energy use is a key goal of the Energy Company Obligation Scheme (or ECO Scheme) and this website can provide more insight for occupants of energy inefficient homes into what sort of grants and schemes (including the ECO scheme) that are available to help achieve greater efficiency.


What details will you need?

According to the website you’ll need to give as many details as you can about your property that may affect its energy efficiency. This includes:

  • the type of house it is
  • when it was built
  • what insulation there is in the floor, walls and loft space
  • whether it has single, double or triple glazed windows

If your property has an energy performance certificate, you can enter your address and get help to answer the questions.

What about the ECO Scheme?

The press release issued by the government goes on to state that they have promised to extend the Energy Company Obligation scheme until at least 2026, boosting its value to £1bn a year and aiming to deliver an average bill saving of around £300 / annum.

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