If you made it as a result of the lockdown devoid of getting an air fryer, that may perhaps be a mistake you want to rectify. This kitchen area appliance is unbelievably flexible and quick to use. However, were you knowledgeable that it does a lot more than just air fry your food items? There are quite uncomplicated tweaks and tips that you can implement to your air fryer that make it an essential kitchen area merchandise. From boiling eggs to dehydrating foods, you will be amazed by the numerous untapped capabilities that exist. Make the most out of your kitchen area equipment by mastering the hacks that will adjust the way you use your air fryer.

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Additional than just frying | :00
Crispier leftovers | :53
Introducing drinking water | 1:33
Dehydrating foodstuff | 2:12
Boiling eggs | 2:45
Lining your basket | 3:21
Replacement components | 4:08

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