Have you at any time wondered how numerous gadgets can you plug into the lead extension? I there a limit? If there is wherever its start?
It’s possible you bought an highly-priced Personal computer or new Tv so much better make sure if you are carrying out all the things alright.
In this video I will help you with your decision and who is aware…perhaps you will preserve yourself from hearth.
This video clip will protect:
-how to measure the max load
-what equipment you can hook up to 1 electricity socket
-what devices you can pair collectively
and a lot much more

Keep your electronic products guarded from dangerous electricity surges and spikes

How considerably electrical power am I working with?

AS/NZS 3112 is the harmonised Australian and New Zealand standard for AC energy plugs (male) and sockets (female).

Why do diverse international locations have distinctive electrical outlet plugs?

Socket calculator

The Ideal Surge Protector 2021

Belkin Extension Guide with USB Slots x 2 (2.4 A Shared), 8 Way/8 Plug Extension, 2m Surge Secured Ability Strip – White

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