It feels like the most common question we face as adults is “What’s for dinner?” Meal planning and preparation can be draining, especially after a long day. Enter the slow cooker, which has to be one of the greatest kitchen appliance inventions of all time. This set-it-and-forget-it device literally does the cooking for you, while you go about your day. While the slow cooker can be a life saver, most of us have ruined a dinner in it at least once. There are common mistakes you are making with this handy appliance that are very easy to fix. Join us as we explain the huge mistakes you’re making with your slow cooker.

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You’re using too much liquid | 0:00
You’re not lining the lid | 0:55
You’re adding pasta too soon | 1:38
You’re setting the heat too high | 2:22
You’re reheating wrong | 3:15

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