Today I will be reviewing the Karcher SC4 steam cleaner. Right now owning a Steam Cleaner becoming more important than ever.

Luckily i got a brand new Karcher Sc4 so im going to give you a review plus explain the importance. People need to invest in steam cleaners as they are much more environmentally friendly. Karcher steam cleaners only need water and run of electricity. This is the very best way to protect your home and car against Germs.

Model Shown available here to buy –

These bacteria killing machines are light, Affordable and perfect for protecting not just your car but your home too against this deadly virus.

If the price of a steam cleaner puts you off then i listed some cheaper ones which work just as well and provide the perfect solution for protecting your home against coronavirus.

Karcher sc4 steam cleaner –
Karcher sc3 cheaper version –
Mlmlant steam cleaner Similar to sc3 –

Mlmlant is a Similar machine to the SC4. Not quite as good build quality but for a cheaper price making a better solution for someone who wont be using it every single day.

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If you want to go for something thats just as reliable but not as much money then opt for a Kaercher sc3. Amazon sell a decent alternative called the Mlmlant which is have used in the past which is great if your only using a steam cleaner a few times a month.

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