Why is Loft Insulation so Important?

Around 25% of the heat in a home escapes through the roof. Anyone who has ever barbecued anything knows that heat always rises. This is why loft insulation is so important, in many cases applying just 10cm thickness of insulating material in your loft or attic is enough to cut the heat lost through the roof by up to 75%. This makes loft insulation an easier and cheaper win when it comes to heat insulation than installing double glazing!

loft insulation

What is the Cost-Benefit Argument for Installing Loft Insulation?

According to the Energy Saving Trust loft insulation can cost between £300 to £500, whilst the increase in heat efficiency can help to save around 10-20% of a household heating bill. The average household's heating bills is increasing year on year on a scale that we have not seen before, making this saving one that pays for itself relatively quickly.

There are several types of loft insulation to choose from, the kind you should choose should depend on the advice you are given by a loft insulation expert, the factors that should be considered are mostly related to the ease of access and airflow. After you install the loft insulation, most of the heat from your home will be prevented from entering the loft space, which means it will get colder and this might lead to issues like damp, condensation or mold.

You can avoid some of these issues by installing your insulation in the rafters of the roof. This effectively places the insulation at the top of the building structure and means that you will have a warm loft space area which might be better if you are planning on a loft conversion at some point in the future or are using the loft space as a storage area for items that might be damaged in prolonged exposure to the cold.

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