My strength monitoring in House Assistant

This online video handles my latest house electrical power monitoring set up in Home Assistant.

I go over the Tesla Powerwall 2 and myenergi integrations and how I have displayed the data. The myenergi zappi, eddi, harvi x2, hub are built-in.

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Set up:
4.0kW photo voltaic array, mounted Sept 2011, 16 x 250w Sanyo Strike-H250E01 panels
– 3.8kW SMA Sunny Boy inverter
2.34kW solar array, installed Oct 2019, 6 x SunPower Maxeon 3 390w panels
– 2.2kW SolareEdge inverter
Tesla Powerwall 2 (Gateway 1), mounted Dec 2018
Tesla Product 3 AWD General performance, sent 28th Sept 2019
Hyundia Kona SE 64kW, sent 1st July 2019 – sold Dec 2021
Renault Zoe 22kW, delivered 5th Jan 2022
myenergi eddi, set up July 2019
myenergi zappi v1, mounted Dec 2018
myenergi harvi x 2
myenergi hub
myenergi iOS app
Kaifa MA120 SMETS2 clever meter
Based in Rushden, East Midlands, United kingdom

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