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The reason of management in any structured kind of authorities is to have an order for the harnessing of all methods for the benefit and welfare of the citizenry. Leadership will come with responsibilities to the followers obligations to have and pursue a vision that assures the peace and prosperity of the nation.

Although it is of excellent advantage for a nation to be blessed with natural means, it is crucial for nations to establish and utilize her human assets which is in actuality the most significant useful resource.

Though Nigeria is privileged to have a purely natural useful resource – oil, one can not appropriately describe Nigeria as blessed. When in contrast with other nations who have this similar normal useful resource, Nigeria falls limited of anticipations. Due to the fact oil was to start with found in Oloibiri in 1956, Nigeria has generated billions of pounds of income that has neither transformed her infrastructure, nor prospered her citizens or diversified her financial state. Analysts at Conventional Financial institution estimate that Nigeria has attained more than $1.6 trillion in the final 50 several years.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) comprising Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates is a vintage case in point of a country that has competently and efficiently utilized her oil wealth to transform her infrastructure, prosper her citizens and diversify her economy. This was obtained by an unselfish management that possesses like, eyesight and a need and capacity for excellence, characteristics Nigerian rulers’ absence.

A nation’s dependence on a single supply of cash flow is as unsafe as it is silly. It is even much more foolish when these types of a resource is one particular that are unable to be controlled or assured by the nation. In 2011 at the opening of the 29th Once-a-year Global Convention and Exhibition of the Nigerian Affiliation of Petroleum Explorationists which held in Lagos, geologists and other oil sector stakeholders warned that Nigeria’s oil reserves may be fully depleted by 2050. Perhaps this point is what makes current leaders unwind that they will have amassed extra than enough prosperity by then. What happens to our country submit 2050?

While other nations are striving to diversify their economies, Nigeria stays plundering her oil wealth with no any concerted effort to maintain and extend her sources of earnings. Western nations (specifically the United States) are paying out billions on analysis to acquire choice resources of vitality to cut down dependence on oil – the mainstay of our financial state and we are performing nothing to ensure our survival. Since 2008, the US has pretty much doubled power generation from renewable sources. The Obama administration has normally accorded precedence position to clean up and renewable strength. The United States Office of Electricity obtained $35 billion for clean technologies and power effectiveness funding in a 2009 economic stimulus measure. Given that then, they have gained cash in billions of bucks on a yearly basis to assist analysis to make improvements to energy performance, biofuel, different gas cars, and so on. The Obama administration thinks that supporting exploration for choice, renewable and green electrical power will guide to a breakthrough in coming yrs to assurance electricity independence and chart a new system of financial prosperity.

The new problem is no matter whether our oil will be as important as it was in the previous or even as is at this time in the coming years. Reduce in the price of oil is an sign of a reduce in benefit and desire. We are all witness to the totally free tumble of the price of the naira arising from the fall of international rate of crude oil.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in his book titled “My Vision: Challenges In The Race For Excellence” stated – “Our distinct encounter in the UAE is a excellent example of what can be carried out when God blesses a place with an unselfish leadership that strives for the excellent of its persons and not its personal. Very good management puts the pursuits of the group as a entire just before individuals of any particular team”.

Nigerian youths of these days should rise up to the problem of getting the unselfish management that will attempt to bring Nigeria out of the doldrums. Previous and present leaders have by their kleptomania and profligacy produced challenges that the youths will go on to bear the brunt of if they do not acquire up the saddle.

Although Nigeria may well be confronted by grave troubles ranging from corruption to terrorism, unemployment, infrastructural deficit amongst other people, the best problem of one of getting a management with the eyesight, need and ability for excellence to winner and direct the favourable transform that Nigerians earnestly yearn for. May perhaps God grant our prayers of a tranquil and prosperous long term.

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