How to Install Swimming Pool Heat Pump / Pool Water Heat Pump : Tepelné čerpadlo BRILIX XHP FD PLUS 60 5kW –

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Swimming Pool Heater Heat Pump

The Brilix Heat Pump XHPFD is the most efficient way of heating water in your swimming pool. The pump collects warmth from the ambient air and transfers it into the pool. At the same time, the coldness from the water is channeled out into the environment.. The heat pump will significantly prolong your swimming season.

XHP heat pump works both ways – in the hot summer days it can even chill your water for a perfectly refreshing feeling.

Great performance if combined with a swimming pool enclosure
Ecological operation
Can be used in combination with a salt chlorinator as well
Digitally controlled
Temperature range from 8 to 40 degrees Celsius
Frost de luxe cooling mode
Longer swimming season
Huge energy and money savings during the season

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