In this video, Amy shares with you some vitality-preserving and maintenance ideas when working with your fridge freezer.

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A nicely-maintained appliance operates a lot more effectively, utilizes significantly less electrical power and lasts for longer devoid of breaking down. Amy can take you by means of the techniques that will maintain your equipment as strength-productive as probable.

Continue to keep an eye on your doorway seals as an ineffective doorway seal will permit air to escape. If you need to change the doorway seal, we have a how-to video clip to enable you:

Hold your fridge fresh new much too by tackling unusual or disagreeable smells correct absent. Verify out our helpful video clip on how to fix a smelly fridge:

Abide by the basic and effortless ways in this movie to guarantee your fridge freezer is as energy-economical as achievable. This will extend its life, guard the ecosystem and save you funds as well.

For a lot more good ideas and assistance for your home appliances, consider a search at our appliance utilization playlist:

Want to skip straight to the information you want? Here’s what we converse about in every part of our online video:

:00 Introducing the video
:24 The worth of an electricity-efficient fridge freezer
:47 Inserting the fridge freezer correctly
1:07 Why you will need to go away place around the fridge freezer
1:39 Cleaning the back again of the fridge freezer
2:14 Cleaning the within of your fridge freezer
2:23 Advised video clip: How to Take care of a Smelly Fridge
2:25 The value of location the accurate temperature
3:16 The function of doorway seals in power efficiency
3:29 How to verify if your doorway seals require changing
3:43 Proposed online video: How to Exchange a Fridge Door Seal on a Neff Fridge
3:46 Why you really should retain the doorways closed any time doable
4:03 Working with frost develop-up
4:22 How to retail store cooked and leftover food items
4:42 Instructed playlist: Appliance Power Conserving Ideas

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