Save on Electricity when buying electronics

Most electrical products we buy every day are marked with an energy rating label which helps you determine and understand the energy efficiency of the appliance or product you are buying. So understanding the label and what it can tell you about the product you are buying is crucial, let's take a look at what the different parts mean.

energy efficient products

What is the Color Coding on the Label?

The energy label provides some information about the general efficiency of the product by categorising it in bands, A to G. The lighter green is the most efficient and the red is the least efficient, the label will also show at the bottom the energy consumption of the product in kilowatt hours (kWh or kW/h).

You will find this label on most products that you buy as a general consumer, these can include washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, electric ovens, air conditioners, televisions, computer monitors and more. As the legislation determining this label becomes more wide-ranging, it will be expected to include things like water heaters and vacuum cleaners.

Remember when thinking about the amount of electricity consumed by the product or appliance you are buying, think about how long the appliance will be left switched on and how much electricity is used when in 'standby' mode.

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