Energy prices are going through the roof these days. I heard from some people that they have to pay 900 euros per month for gas and electricity these days. Luckily we have Home Assistant that can help us lower our energy costs by creating smart automations. I will show you five ways to save energy costs in this Home Assistant Tutorial! Home Assistant to the rescue!

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:04 Energy Saving Tip 1: Turn the heating off automatically if a Window is Open
00:03:53 Energy Saving Tip 2: Do not turn on Lights if Lux is higher than a certain value
00:06:22 Energy Saving Tip 3: Turn the heating and lights off automatically when everybody left the house
00:10:39 Energy Saving Tip 4: If the temperature outside is warmer than inside, turn off the heating and send a message
00:15:22 Energy Saving Tip 5: If Solar Panels generate more than x Watt, then turn on appliances

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