Seriously Insane Stunts That People Sadly Didn't Survive – ECO3 Funding

Professional daredevils have all kinds of reasons for performing insane stunts. Maybe they just like the thrill of danger, maybe they feel like they have something to prove to the world, or maybe they just want to prove something to themselves. Regardless, some daredevils have taken it too far and attempted stunts that sadly ended in their deaths. They may have even taken every necessary safety precaution, but something they couldn’t have predicted caused it to go wrong. From the “MythBusters” star who tried to break a world record to the only fatality in X Games history, let’s take a look at some seriously insane stunts that people sadly didn’t survive.

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Mike Hughes’ Rocket | 0:00
Jessi Combs broke records | 1:44
Caleb Moore’s X Games stunt | 2:39
Uli Emanuele’s base jump | 3:48
Angela Madsen’s fatal row | 4:46

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