This review of the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus UK version, is a review of the Model 3 most people are going to be able to afford. Whilst I would have liked to have got the Model 3 Long Range, it was just a little but too much of a stretch for my budget at the time. The video explains why I think this was a bad decision!

I discuss the change to electric driving; cost savings from owning an electric car; the Tesla Model 3 UK price; Tesla software and features; along with some of the pros and cons.

When I first got the Model 3, there were a lot of things reviewers had said was an issue, which never really materialised, so I try to summarise where I think the issues have been and the surprises along the way.

Hope you enjoy the review!
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On this channel we look at what living with a Tesla Model 3 is really like? Does the hype live up to expectation, or should you stick with a combustion engine. My mission to to let you know. I took the plunge and went all electric with a Model 3 with no previous experience of electric cars.

Why a Model 3 you ask? Hopefully my videos with explain this over time. Have I any regrets about buying my Tesla…a few.

So stay tuned for all the latest Tesla software updates, new features and developments of my Model 3.


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